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by Jeffrey Reynolds

In the era of DVD and Blue-Ray with fancy home theater people of Brownsville still visit cinemas because of its social role. People in Brownsville like to feel fear and choose horror movies like 'Scream' or 'Descent'. In the Brownsville you have some options for cinema like Cinema Cafe Edinburgh and Celebration! Cinema Benton Harbor. The first one is located 1864 Edinburgh Ln which is 1062.28 kilometers from the second one : Celebration! Cinema Benton Harbor at 1468 Cinema Way.

Nowadays modern cinemas in Brownsville like Cinema Cafe Edinburgh offers great sound quality thanks to technology like DTS. To get best experience check the following list of the public theaters and cinemas in the Brownsville

One of the best cinemas in Brownsville

It has been shown in more than 40 countries so far and has been dubbed 'the most important movie ever made in Europe'.

The film was the first film made in the States of Brazil during an event in which people came together in large numbers to celebrate a Brazilian national holiday. 

Disco Fever' has been shown at least 30 times in Brazil. 'Disco' is a film about a small group of teenagers who meet up again after the death of their father.

They all come together again and go to the dance club to celebrate his passing. The girls dance and dance. They are singing songs and dancing for an hour while some of them talk. The boys dance.

They are watching television and drinking drinks that taste like cocaine. They are watching movies and talking to others about the movies and dancing. The girls talk to each other. They talk about other things. They are talking for five hours. They are discussing other things.

They are laughing with the people dancing. It's all very romantic. The girls have to do all the dances. They have to do all the dances. The boys do some of the dances.

The girls sing and dance. The boys sing and dance. But the boys dance too much so that he comes and says, 'Hey, don't dance with them like that.

Don't do this or that.' The girls are really disappointed because, as I was saying, they're the ones with nothing to prove but to dance and dance. And the boys are disappointed because they can dance all day. And that's what you get.

Donnie Brasco's 'Disco' is one of those films that has to have something special in itself, something special about it to get people excited about it. In this film the boy's dancing is very much like dancing in a club. 

My opinion about Celebration! Cinema Mount Pleasant theater in Brownsville

In the Brownsville you can find both Celebration! Cinema Mount Pleasant and Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX. Those cinemas provide you high quality picture and surround sound. The first cinema we visited was very clean and tidy.

The second one was a bit untidy as its the one that we visited on opening weekend (although it was mostly closed). The screens looked very high quality and clean. I think we paid about $10 for snacks, drinks and popcorn for a standard cinema seat.

It was a really good price so it was nice. However, it may be worth noting that some cinemas do charge more. The biggest cinema we saw so far was the Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids North IMAX - check their webpage for opening hours and ticket prices.

There are loads of pubs/bars around Celebration, including The Backyard Grill. One of the great things to do in Celebration, especially for those visiting during the summer, is go to a community pool such as Celebration! Recreation Centre.

It’s an oasis of serenity in an otherwise hectic city It has a big pool, jacuzzi, sauna, playground area and even a few tennis/basketball courts. Just go, you’ll be glad you did. Also, don’t forget all of Celebration’s amazing parks, as well as the beach.

And to finish, I’d like to share my favourite park in all of Celebration: the one that has this amazing, huge fountain that’s surrounded by tropical, palm trees. Celebration has just added 3 new pieces of public art, .

The Dancing Water Fountain, 2. The Flower & Bird Fountains, and 3. the ‘Bird Fountain’. While we do have a LOT of parks in Celebration, the only fountains and public art, that I can find, is in The Flower & Bird Fountains.

Which, unfortunately isn’t the one that I liked the best! But, you have to check out the Dancing Water Fountain, which is now just a short walk from The Flower & Bird Fountains. It dances away as the water spouts through the large fountain.

In Celebration’s motto:‘Celebrating the Future’ these fountains are a great example of celebrating in the now, and having fun in the present.

All this to say, if you are looking for something new to check out, come and see Celebration! From the fountain to the architecture to the activities on the numerous park areas, it has it all.

Breed Cinturones de Seguridad

Industrial 88, 87500 Tamps., Mexico

GPS : 25.8848457, -97.4983623

Users reviews of Breed Cinturones de Seguridad Brownsville

Island Cinema

4700 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX 78597, United States

GPS : 26.120032, -97.1696422

Users reviews of Island Cinema Brownsville

Celebration! Cinema Benton Harbor

1468 Cinema Way, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

GPS : 42.07663, -86.422578

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Benton Harbor Brownsville

Cinemark Brassfield Cinema Ten

2101 New Garden Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410, United States

GPS : 36.1291918, -79.8584091

Users reviews of Cinemark Brassfield Cinema Ten Brownsville

Celebration! Cinema Crossroads & IMAX

6600 Ring Rd, Portage, MI 49002, United States

GPS : 42.2210364, -85.5981787

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Crossroads & IMAX Brownsville

Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids South

1506 Eastport Dr, Grand Rapids, MI 49508, United States

GPS : 42.849523, -85.628061

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids South Brownsville

Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX

2121 Celebration Dr NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525, United States

GPS : 43.0010601, -85.5933005

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX Brownsville

Celebration! Cinema Lansing & IMAX

200 E Edgewood Blvd, Lansing, MI 48911, United States

GPS : 42.659708, -84.549902

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Lansing & IMAX Brownsville

NCG Cinema

2500 Showtime Dr, Lansing, MI 48906, United States

GPS : 42.7647281, -84.5155125

Users reviews of NCG Cinema Brownsville

Celebration! Cinema Rivertown Crossings

3728 Rivertown Pkwy, Grandville, MI 49418, United States

GPS : 42.878442, -85.7559909

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Rivertown Crossings Brownsville

Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids Woodland

3195 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512, United States

GPS : 42.9150873, -85.5876561

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids Woodland Brownsville

Bow Tie Cinemas Movieland at Boulevard Square

1301 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230, United States

GPS : 37.5673272, -77.4672093

Users reviews of Bow Tie Cinemas Movieland at Boulevard Square Brownsville

Celebration! Cinema Mount Pleasant

4935 E Pickard Rd, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, United States

GPS : 43.6139149, -84.7499104

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Mount Pleasant Brownsville

Cinema Cafe

1044 Von Schilling Dr, Hampton, VA 23666, United States

GPS : 37.0460561, -76.3863381

Users reviews of Cinema Cafe Brownsville

Cinema Cafe

1401 Greenbrier Pkwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320, United States

GPS : 36.7795617, -76.2267413

Users reviews of Cinema Cafe Brownsville

Cinema Cafe Edinburgh

1864 Edinburgh Ln, Chesapeake, VA 23322, United States

GPS : 36.6538688, -76.2292449

Users reviews of Cinema Cafe Edinburgh Brownsville

Cinema Cafe - Kemps River Premier

1220 Fordham Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23464, United States

GPS : 36.8016906, -76.1743487

Users reviews of Cinema Cafe - Kemps River Premier Brownsville

Cinema Cafe Pembroke Meadows

758 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, United States

GPS : 36.8647741, -76.1310518

Users reviews of Cinema Cafe Pembroke Meadows Brownsville

Bow Tie Cinemas Bellevue Cinemas 4

260 Bellevue Ave, Montclair, NJ 07043, United States

GPS : 40.8412107, -74.2089224

Users reviews of Bow Tie Cinemas Bellevue Cinemas 4 Brownsville

Bow Tie Cinemas Marquis 16 & BTX Theater

100 Quarry Rd, Trumbull, CT 06611, United States

GPS : 41.228757, -73.1837587

Users reviews of Bow Tie Cinemas Marquis 16 & BTX Theater Brownsville

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