Which scenes from movies was shot in Newcastle Maitland ?

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In the era of DVD and Blue-Ray with fancy home theater people of Newcastle Maitland still visit cinemas because of its social role. People in Newcastle Maitland like to feel fear and choose horror movies like 'The Crazies' or 'The Lost Boys'. Except Sanity in the Newcastle Maitland you can find the following cinemas: Reading Cinemas located Ken Tubman Dr, Maitland NSW 2320, Australia and Reading Cinemas which is within a stone's throw from Reading Cinemas.

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We Were Soldiers4344584581350
Apocalypse Now4474064551308
Black Hawk Down4064323981236

Which scenes from movies were shot in Newcastle Maitland?


Newcastle Maitland, located in the state of New South Wales, Australia, is a stunning destination known for its picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and thriving film industry. The area, with its gorgeous beaches, wild bushland, and historic landmarks, has served as a backdrop for numerous movies, making it a popular location for filmmakers and actors alike.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

The post-apocalyptic film Mad Max: Fury Road, directed by Australian filmmaker George Miller, was partially filmed in the Silverton region of New South Wales, including Newcastle Maitland. In particular, the sequence in which Tom Hardy's character, Max, attempts to escape from the War Boys was partly filmed in Newcastle Maitland's sand dunes.

2. The Hunter

The Hunter, a film based on a novel of the same name by Julia Leigh, was also partly filmed in Newcastle Maitland. Willem Dafoe starred in the lead role of this psychological drama about a man who travels to Tasmania to hunt the last Tasmanian tiger. Newcastle Maitland lent itself beautifully to depict the rugged and remote Tasmanian wilderness.

3. The Water Diviner

The Water Diviner, a historical drama film directed by Russell Crowe and set after World War I, was partly filmed in Newcastle Maitland. Crowe's directorial debut, the film followed a father's journey to Turkey to find his three missing sons after the conclusion of the Battle of Gallipoli.

4. Home and Away

Home and Away, a popular Australian soap opera, has filmed several scenes in Newcastle Maitland. The show has utilized the Hunter Valley Gardens, Nobby's Headland, Stockton Beach, and a number of other areas in the region as filming locations.


Newcastle Maitland's stunning landscape and historic landmarks have made it a sought-after destination for filmmakers. From Mad Max: Fury Road and The Hunter to The Water Diviner and Home and Away, the region has served as a backdrop for a number of movies and television shows. Its role in Australia's film industry is undeniable, and we can expect to see more films being shot in this beautiful and scenic location in the years to come.

Reading Cinemas

Ken Tubman Dr, Maitland NSW 2320, Australia

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405 High St, Maitland NSW 2320, Australia

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Heddon Greta Drive In

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Reading Cinemas Charlestown

30 Pearson St, Charlestown NSW 2290, Australia

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Nelson Bay Cinemas

Cinema Mall, Stockton St, Nelson Bay NSW 2315, Australia

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