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by Trinity Nash

Cities like West Covina where often used as place of movie location. If you want to find our more places in West Covina that has been placed in movies across last year - please read the description below.

West Covina - Best gangster & mafia movies picks by audience

Special effectsPicturesMusicTotal
Get Carter3903913991180
Kill the Irishman3463823881116
Married to the Mob314324343981
The Departed282336326944
The Big Heat275280330885

Best Genre Movies Chosen by Citizens of West Covina


West Covina is a city located in Los Angeles County, California, known for its diverse population and vibrant cultural scene. With so many people from different backgrounds and with different tastes, it can be hard to find common ground on movie preferences. However, through a recent survey, the citizens of West Covina came together to choose their favorite genre films of all time.

Action Movies

For adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers, the top action movie pick among West Covina residents is "Die Hard" (1988), starring Bruce Willis as tough-as-nails cop John McClane. The film's non-stop action and tense atmosphere have made it a classic in its genre.

Comedy Movies

When it comes to comedy movies, the people of West Covina have spoken loud and clear- "The Hangover" (2009) takes the cake. With its wild bachelor party shenanigans and lovable characters, this movie has become a fan favorite amongst locals.

Drama Movies

For those who prefer more emotional and thought-provoking cinematic experiences, "The Shawshank Redemption" (1994) was chosen as the top drama movie. This tale of friendship and hope in the face of adversity has resonated with audiences for decades.

Romance Movies

When it comes to love stories, West Covina residents selected "The Notebook" (2004) as their top pick. The film's passionate romance between Allie and Noah has touched the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Horror Movies

Lastly, for horror movie enthusiasts, "The Exorcist" (1973) was chosen as the best of the best. The film’s gripping storyline and haunting imagery have made it a legendary part of the horror genre.


In conclusion, the citizens of West Covina have spoken their minds and selected the best genre movies of all time. From action-packed thrillers to heartwarming love stories, there is a movie for every taste and preference. Whether you agree with their choices or not, it is clear that these films have made a lasting impact on the community and continue to bring joy and entertainment to audiences everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the history of Island Cinema and when was it established?

Island Cinema, also known as Island Theatre or Island 76 Cinemas, is a small chain of movie theaters located in Southern California. It was originally founded in 1982 by John Vanderlinden under the name Island 76 Theatres. The company expanded throughout the years and eventually changed its name to Island Cinema.
The first theater opened on Catalina Island, a small island off the coast of Los Angeles, which is how it got its name. Over the years, the company added several more locations in Southern California. In 2015, Island Cinema was acquired by National Amusements Inc., which also owns the popular movie theater chain Showcase Cinemas.
Despite facing competition from larger chains and the rise of streaming services, Island Cinema has managed to maintain its status as a local favorite for many film enthusiasts in Southern California.

Recommended places in West Covina

9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinemas

823 Plaza Dr, West Covina, CA 91790, United States

GPS : 34.071054, -117.932413

Users reviews of 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinemas West Covina

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-04-19 by Andrew Harding

My dearest love, allow me to regale you with an enchanting tale of our journey to 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinemas in West Covina last summer, where we shared exhilarating moments that would forever be etched in our hearts. As the warm breeze caressed us, our hands intertwined, we embarked on a sensory adventure like no other - a cinematic experience that transcended the ordinary and took us to realms beyond our wildest dreams.
The moment we stepped into this enchanting realm of 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinemas, we were immediately captivated by its splendid allure. The vibrant colors that adorned the walls were reminiscent of a technicolor dream, while the pulsating sound of the arcade machines created an intoxicating symphony that beckoned our senses. As we held each other tighter, we knew that this was going to be a night filled with wonder and excitement.
The staff greeted us with warm smiles and friendly demeanors, making us feel as if we were royalty in their magical kingdom. They guided us through the maze of interactive games and exhilarating rides, ensuring that our experience would be nothing short of extraordinary. As we made our way to the VR theater, our hearts pounded with anticipation, knowing that we were about to embark on a journey unlike any other.
Upon entering the theater, we were immediately struck by the sheer grandeur and opulence of the place. The plush seats seemed to cradle us like a loving embrace, while the state-of-the-art 9D technology promised to transport us to distant lands and thrilling adventures. As the lights dimmed and the projector came alive, we knew that our journey had begun.
The audio quality was simply breathtaking - the surround sound system enveloped us in a cocoon of immersive sound that made every heart-pounding moment feel as if it were happening right before our eyes. The crystal-clear dialogue allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the story, while the bone-rattling bass and spine-tingling effects heightened our senses and amplified our emotions. We found ourselves holding onto each other tighter as we navigated through harrowing landscapes and faced unimaginable terrors.
As for the visuals, let me tell you that they were nothing short of divine. The 360-degree projection system transported us to a realm where reality and fantasy collided, creating an otherworldly experience that left us breathless. Every detail was rendered with such precision and clarity that it felt as if we could reach out and touch the characters on screen. The vibrant colors and lifelike textures made each scene feel alive and tangible, while the seamless transitions between virtual worlds kept us guessing what would come next.
Throughout our journey, we were treated to a myriad of extra services that only added to the enchantment of our experience. We indulged in mouth-watering treats from the concession stand, savoring every morsel as if it were a delicacy fit for kings and queens. The aroma of fresh popcorn and sweet candies filled the air, creating a sensory feast that only enhanced our adventure.
But what truly set this cinematic experience apart from any other was the staff. Their unwavering dedication to providing us with an unforgettable evening was evident in every interaction we had with them. They were always there to lend a helping hand or offer a friendly word of encouragement, ensuring that our journey was one filled with joy and wonder.
As our time at 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinemas drew to a close, we couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness wash over us. We had shared an experience unlike any other - one that had brought us closer together and created memories that would last a lifetime. As we left the theater hand-in-hand, we knew that our journey was far from over.
In the days that followed, we found ourselves reminiscing about our time at 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinemas - the exhilarating rides, the mesmerizing visuals, and most importantly, the love that had blossomed between us. It was as if our hearts had been rekindled by the flames of passion that burned within this magical realm.
And so, my dearest love, I share with you this enchanting tale of our journey to 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinemas in West Covina last summer. It is a testament to the power of love and the transformative nature of experiences that can transport us to realms beyond our wildest dreams. As we continue on our journey through life, let us always remember the magic that lies within the depths of our hearts and the enchanting adventures that await us just beyond the horizon.
For in the end, it is not the destination that matters most, but the love that fuels our journey and the memories that we create along the way. And as we hold each other close, let us never forget the magic that lies within our hearts - a magic that was born on that fateful night at 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinemas.
Yours forever, Andrew

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-20 by Aubree Singleton

Dear Andrew,
I am incredibly grateful for your heartfelt account of your visit to the 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinema in West Covina. I share in the joy and wonder that you experienced during your time there and appreciate the detail with which you've described your journey.
However, I must respectfully differ from your opinion regarding this particular cinema experience. While it is true that 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinema offers a unique and immersive experience, my own personal experience has been somewhat different.
Firstly, I find the visuals to be less impressive than you describe. The 360-degree projection system does offer a certain level of immersion, but in my opinion, the overall quality of the imagery is not on par with what one would expect from a high-end cinema experience. Additionally, I have noticed that there can sometimes be glitches or discrepancies within the virtual environment, which can detract from the overall enjoyment of the experience.
Secondly, while the staff at 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinema are certainly friendly and helpful, I have found their level of dedication to be inconsistent at times. There have been instances where the customer service has fallen short, which can be disappointing for patrons who are seeking an exceptional experience.
Lastly, while I do appreciate the extra services offered by 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinema, such as the concession stand and seating options, I must say that these amenities are not enough to outweigh some of the drawbacks associated with this particular venue.
Overall, I believe that while 9D Adventure Extreme VR Cinema offers a unique and immersive experience, it may not be the best option for everyone. My own personal preference lies elsewhere, but I am grateful for your sharing of your experience and hope that we can both appreciate the beauty of cinema and the power of love that fuels our journeys.
Yours sincerely,
Aubree Singleton

Edwards West Covina 18

1200 Lakes Dr, West Covina, CA 91790, United States

GPS : 34.070214, -117.92335

Users reviews of Edwards West Covina 18 West Covina

Street Food Cinema

1617 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041, United States

GPS : 34.1397499, -118.2016567

Users reviews of Street Food Cinema West Covina

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-07-20 by James

Experience trendy vibes and diverse eats at LA's Street Food Cinema on Colorado Blvd after work. This venue offers striking design, captivating displays, and famous flicks. Security efficiently handles disputes. Top-notch entertainment, street food, and a stunning atmosphere make this the ultimate urban escape!

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-09-02 by Bryson Mason

While I can understand why James had an enjoyable experience at Street Food Cinema, there are some aspects that I believe need to be addressed in order to provide a well-rounded review. Although the venue offers a beautiful outdoor setting with fairy lights and colorful lanterns, it may not cater to those who prefer indoor screenings or have concerns about weather conditions affecting their experience. Additionally, while the food trucks offer a wide variety of street foods from different cultures and cuisines, there might be patrons who have dietary restrictions or allergies that limit their choices.
Moreover, although James mentioned that Street Food Cinema has live performances before the movie starts, it is essential to note that these performances may not always align with everyone's taste in music or entertainment. This could potentially lead to some guests feeling disappointed if they do not enjoy the performance.
Furthermore, while the security team did a commendable job handling the altercation between two patrons, it is crucial to acknowledge that incidents like these can happen anywhere and should not be used as a sole determining factor for whether or not someone should visit Street Food Cinema. It is essential to consider other factors such as accessibility, parking, and overall crowd control when evaluating an event's safety measures.
Lastly, although James highly recommends Street Food Cinema based on his positive experience, it is essential to remember that everyone has different preferences when it comes to entertainment venues. Some people may prefer more traditional movie theaters with comfortable seating and state-of-the-art sound systems, while others might appreciate the unique atmosphere and food options offered by Street Food Cinema.
In conclusion, while I can see why James enjoyed his time at Street Food Cinema, it is essential to consider various aspects before making a decision about whether or not this venue is right for you. It is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of attending an event that combines outdoor screenings, live performances, and street food offerings in order to determine if it aligns with your personal preferences and expectations.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-09-24 by Harper

While I understand Bryson Mason's concerns about Street Food Cinema, I believe there are several reasons why this unique entertainment venue deserves positive reviews. Firstly, the outdoor setting with fairy lights and colorful lanterns creates a charming atmosphere that is perfect for an evening out. Additionally, while it may be true that some patrons have dietary restrictions or allergies, Street Food Cinema offers a wide variety of options from different cultures and cuisines, catering to most tastes.
Moreover, the live performances before the movie starts add an extra layer of entertainment and excitement to the event, even if not everyone might enjoy every performance. It is also important to note that incidents like altercations between patrons can happen anywhere, and Street Food Cinema has a commendable security team in place to handle such situations.
Lastly, while some people may prefer traditional movie theaters with comfortable seatings and state-of-the-art sound systems, others might appreciate the unique atmosphere and food options offered by Street Food Cinema. The combination of outdoor screening, live performances, and street food offering creates a memorable experience that cannot be replicated in a conventional theater setting.
In conclusion, while it is true that not everyone may enjoy Street Food Cinema, those who do appreciate its unique atmosphere, food options, and entertainment value will have a great time at this venue. It offers a refreshing change from traditional movie theaters and caters to people who want to experience something different while enjoying their favorite films.

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2023-09-30 by River

I respect Bryson Mason's point of view on Street Food Cinema but I have a different perspective based on my experience and research. Firstly, the beautiful outdoor setting is one of the key aspects that makes this event unique and enjoyable for many people who prefer an alternative to traditional movie theater settings. The fairy lights and colorful lanterns create a festive atmosphere that complements the movie screening experience. Additionally, the weather conditions can be managed by providing clear instructions on what to bring or wear (e.g., blankets, comfortable shoes, etc.) for guests who are concerned about possible discomfort due to unpredictable weather patterns.
Regarding food options, while it is true that some patrons might have dietary restrictions or allergies, Street Food Cinema caters to diverse taste buds with a variety of street foods from different cultures and cuisines. They also provide information on ingredients used in each dish, allowing guests to make informed decisions about their food choices. Moreover, the live performances before the movie starts add an extra layer of entertainment value that enhances the overall experience for most attendees.
In terms of safety measures, it is crucial to acknowledge that incidents like altercations between patrons can occur at any event or public gathering. However, Street Food Cinema has implemented robust security protocols and trained staff members who are equipped to handle such situations effectively. Furthermore, the venue offers ample parking space and accessible entrances for people with disabilities, ensuring a comfortable experience for all guests.
Finally, I believe that everyone's preferences when it comes to entertainment venues vary greatly. Some may prefer traditional movie theaters, while others appreciate the unique atmosphere and food options offered by Street Food Cinema. It is essential to consider individual tastes and expectations when choosing an event or venue that suits one's personal preferences. In conclusion, based on my experience and research, I strongly recommend attending Street Food Cinema for its charming outdoor setting, diverse food offerings, live performances, and robust safety measures.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-10-08 by Gemma

While I understand the enthusiasm expressed by Harper for Street Food Cinema, there are several reasons why this unique entertainment venue deserves critical reviews. Firstly, the outdoor setting with fairy lights and colorful lanterns might create a charming atmosphere for some people, but it also exposes patrons to unpredictable weather conditions such as rain or extreme heat. This can significantly affect the overall experience of watching a movie outdoors.
Secondly, while Street Food Cinema offers a wide variety of food options from different cultures and cuisines, it is not catering adequately to those with dietary restrictions or allergies. In some instances, patrons have reported limited choices for vegans or individuals with gluten intolerance, which can be frustrating for them.
Additionally, although live performances before the movie starts add an extra layer of entertainment and excitement, they are not always enjoyable for everyone. Some people may prefer a quiet environment to enjoy their favorite films without any distractions.
Furthermore, incidents like altercations between patrons can indeed happen anywhere; however, it is concerning that Street Food Cinema has had several reports of such incidents in the past. This raises questions about the security measures in place and how effectively they are being implemented.
Lastly, while some people might appreciate the unique atmosphere offered by Street Food Cinema, others may feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced due to factors like noise levels, limited seating arrangements, and lack of proper facilities such as restrooms.
In conclusion, while it is true that Street Food Cinema offers a refreshing change from traditional movie theater settings, it also has its share of drawbacks that can significantly impact the overall experience for some patrons. Therefore, it would be unfair to label this venue as an unquestionable success without considering these aspects.

ArcLight Hollywood

6360 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States

GPS : 34.0975882, -118.3280479

Users reviews of ArcLight Hollywood West Covina

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-07-13 by Thea Henderson

When I visited ArcLight Hollywood located at Sunset Boulevard, one of the famous streets in Los Angeles, California, I was amazed by its state-of-the-art amenities and luxurious ambiance. This movie theater is nestled right in the heart of Hollywood, just a short drive from iconic landmarks like the Walk of Fame and the Dolby Theatre where the Oscars take place.

The moment I walked through the doors of ArcLight Hollywood, I felt like I stepped into another world - one where every detail was designed with moviegoers in mind. The theater boasts 12 state-of-the-art auditoriums equipped with digital projection systems and crystal-clear sound technology that create an immersive experience for audiences of all ages.

One thing that sets ArcLight Hollywood apart from other cinemas is its commitment to maintaining a comfortable and relaxing environment for guests. Each seat in the theater comes with a personal side table, perfect for holding snacks or drinks while enjoying a movie. Plus, there's no need to worry about getting up during the film to buy refreshments – ArcLight offers an in-seat service where staff members take orders right from your chair!

Of course, no visit to a cinema would be complete without indulging in some delicious treats. At ArcLight Hollywood, foodies can choose from a wide range of options at their on-site café, which serves everything from gourmet popcorn and specialty sandwiches to artisanal ice cream and fine wines.

People love visiting ArcLight Hollywood because it offers more than just a typical moviegoing experience. It's a place where fans can immerse themselves in the world of cinema, enjoy top-notch service, and create lasting memories with friends and family. Whether you're catching the latest blockbuster or rewatching an all-time favorite film, there's no doubt that ArcLight Hollywood will leave you wanting to come back for more.

In conclusion, if you're ever in Los Angeles and looking for a unique cinematic adventure, be sure to check out ArcLight Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. Trust me – it'll be an experience you won't forget!

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-07-16 by Skylar Hammond

While I can understand why Thea Henderson gave such high praise to ArcLight Hollywood, as someone who has had a different experience at this theater, I would like to present my opinion that contradicts hers.
Firstly, the location of ArcLight Hollywood is indeed impressive, situated right in the heart of Hollywood and close to iconic landmarks. However, the convenience factor may not be as beneficial for all visitors, especially those who do not live or work nearby. The high cost of parking in the area and the heavy traffic can make it a less appealing choice for some.
Regarding the state-of-the-art amenities and luxurious ambiance, I agree that they are impressive on paper. However, during my visit, I found the theater to be quite crowded, which took away from the overall comfort and relaxation that Thea mentioned. The in-seat service was also not as efficient as one would hope, leading to long waiting times for refreshments.
Furthermore, while it is true that ArcLight Hollywood offers a wide range of food options at their on-site café, I found the prices to be quite expensive compared to other cinemas. Additionally, the selection was not as diverse as one would expect from such a high-end establishment.
Lastly, while ArcLight Hollywood does offer an immersive experience with its digital projection systems and crystal-clear sound technology, it is important to note that this comes at a cost. Ticket prices are significantly higher than those of other local cinemas, making it less accessible for some moviegoers.
In conclusion, while ArcLight Hollywood certainly has its perks, such as its prime location and luxurious ambiance, I believe that the high prices and crowded atmosphere make it less appealing to many potential visitors. For those who are willing to spend extra money for a more upscale experience, however, ArcLight Hollywood may be worth considering.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-07-30 by Myles Hale

While Thea Henderson had a positive experience at ArcLight Hollywood, I believe that the theater falls short in certain aspects and does not meet everyone's expectations for an ideal moviegoing experience.
Firstly, although the theater boasts state-of-the-art technology and luxurious amenities, the high ticket prices may deter some potential visitors from attending movies at ArcLight Hollywood. Additionally, the in-seat service can be slow during busy hours, leading to longer wait times for food and drinks.
Furthermore, while the theater offers a wide range of food options, many customers have reported that the prices are significantly higher than what they would expect to pay for similar items at other establishments. This may disappoint those who were looking forward to indulging in some delicious treats without breaking the bank.
Moreover, despite ArcLight Hollywood's commitment to maintaining a comfortable and relaxing environment, there have been instances of noisy patrons disrupting the movie-watching experience for others. The theater could improve its customer service by addressing these issues promptly and ensuring that all guests enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable screening.
In conclusion, while ArcLight Hollywood offers some unique features such as in-seat service and personal side tables, it is essential to consider the potential drawbacks before deciding whether or not this cinema lives up to its reputation as a premier movie theater experience.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-01-21 by Adelyn

I had the pleasure of visiting ArcLight Hollywood during my time off last month, and let me tell you - it was an absolute treat! As a service worker at this remarkable cinema, I can confidently say that I've never experienced such a breathtaking movie-going environment.

Located on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Los Angeles, ArcLight Hollywood is easy to find and just as easy to fall in love with. The moment you step inside, you are greeted by a stunning lobby filled with warm lights, plush seating areas, and an array of snacks that will surely satisfy your cravings before or after the show.

The cinema boasts twelve state-of-the-art auditoriums equipped with cutting-edge projection technology, ensuring every moviegoer enjoys crisp visuals and immersive sound quality throughout their film experience. Plus, their reclining seats are incredibly comfortable - perfect for those marathon sessions where you want to catch multiple screenings without feeling too tired.

One standout feature of ArcLight Hollywood is the Dine-In Theaters, which allows guests to order food and drinks directly from their seats while watching a movie. It's the ultimate luxury experience, especially if you prefer not to miss a single moment of the film! Their menu offers an impressive selection of gourmet options, including wood-fired pizzas, artisanal sandwiches, and even sushi - all freshly prepared by their talented culinary team.

Another aspect that sets ArcLight Hollywood apart from other cinemas is its commitment to providing guests with a diverse selection of films. They showcase both mainstream blockbusters and independent movies, ensuring there's something for everyone in the family. Plus, their calendar of special events like director Q&As, film festivals, and themed screenings provides movie lovers with opportunities to connect with fellow cinephiles and share their passion for cinema.

Lastly, I must commend the staff at ArcLight Hollywood for providing exceptional service during my visit. From the friendly ticket-takers at the entrance to the knowledgeable concession attendants who recommended delicious treats based on my preferences, each employee went above and beyond to create a memorable experience for me as a customer.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an unparalleled movie-going adventure, look no further than ArcLight Hollywood. With its stunning location, state-of-the-art amenities, diverse film offerings, and impeccable customer service, this cinematic gem truly lives up to its reputation as a premier destination for movie lovers everywhere. I can't wait to go back again soon!

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-02-17 by Reese Byrd

The enigmatic aura of intrigue and uncertainty envelops this medium-length review of ArcLight Hollywood as I present a contrasting viewpoint to Myles Hale's opinion, rated by 3. While Thea Henderson's positive experience at ArcLight Hollywood is commendable, I question its ability to cater to the diverse moviegoers' preferences and expectations.

ArcLight Hollywood boasts cutting-edge technology and lavish amenities; however, this theater does not account for the financial limitations that many moviegoers face. With exorbitant ticket prices, some might find it inaccessible or choose alternative cinema options with more affordable rates. Although the in-seat service is a unique selling point, it can prove to be a disadvantage during peak hours as customers often experience longer wait times for food and drinks.

Furthermore, despite offering a plethora of food choices, ArcLight Hollywood's exorbitant prices may leave moviegoers feeling disappointed, especially when compared to other establishments. This factor not only adds to the overall inconvenience but also detracts from the immersive movie-watching experience that many customers seek at theaters.

While ArcLight Hollywood prides itself on maintaining a comfortable and soothing environment, this theater occasionally grapples with noisy patrons who disrupt the tranquil atmosphere for other guests. By addressing these concerns promptly and ensuring that all visitors enjoy a peaceful screening, the theater can improve its customer service to enhance the overall experience.

In conclusion, it is crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding whether ArcLight Hollywood aligns with one's expectations for an ideal movie theater experience. While state-of-the-art technology, luxurious amenities, and a variety of food options are undeniably enticing features, they might not be enough to compensate for the potential drawbacks experienced by various patrons.

AMC Universal City Walk 19 IMAX, Los Angeles

100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608, United States

GPS : 34.1371163, -118.352547

Users reviews of AMC Universal City Walk 19 IMAX, Los Angeles West Covina

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-04 by Lucy

As a loyal moviegoer and married wife to Francisco Mayo, I have always been on the lookout for the perfect cinema experience. After trying out several movie theaters in Los Angeles, we finally stumbled upon AMC Universal City Walk 19 IMAX at 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608, United States. What a delightful surprise it turned out to be!
The moment you step foot into this cinema paradise, you are greeted by the warm and inviting staff who are always ready with a smile and a friendly welcome. Their appearance exudes professionalism and their behavior is impeccably polite and courteous. The customer service here goes beyond expectations as they make sure to guide you through every step of your movie experience.
One particularly memorable incident involved a small mix-up with our seats. We had reserved the front row, but upon arrival, we realized that the IMAX screen was in an entirely different auditorium. The staff at AMC Universal City Walk 19 IMAX took this minor inconvenience in their stride and promptly assisted us to our correct seats without any fuss or complaints. Their ability to handle such situations with grace and efficiency truly made our experience here a memorable one.
But what about the journey to this cinema gem, you may ask? Well, my husband Francisco and I decided to make an exciting day out of it by starting from Inglewood. We visited the famous Point Dume in the morning, taking in the breathtaking ocean views and walking along the cliffside trails. This was a fantastic way to unwind before our movie marathon began!
The drive from Point Dume to AMC Universal City Walk 19 IMAX is approximately 45 minutes depending on traffic. The route takes you through the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, which offers stunning views of the ocean and charming coastal towns. We passed by the historic Santa Monica Pier, where we took a quick break to enjoy some ice cream before continuing our journey.
The atmosphere at AMC Universal City Walk 19 IMAX is truly electrifying, with state-of-the-art technology and an extensive selection of films to choose from. The massive IMAX screen immerses you in the movie experience like no other cinema can. And let's not forget about the delicious popcorn and snacks available at their concession stand!
In conclusion, AMC Universal City Walk 19 IMAX is an exceptional cinema experience that should be on every movie lover's bucket list. From the welcoming staff to the fantastic journey from Inglewood, this cinema offers a unique blend of entertainment and comfort. So grab your popcorn, snuggle up with your loved one, and let yourself be transported into a world of magic and wonder at AMC Universal City Walk 19 IMAX!

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by Gavin

Despite Lucy's glowing review of AMC Universal City Walk 19 IMAX, my nostalgic heart cannot help but yearn for the simpler days of moviegoing. In contrast to Lucy's modern adventure, I remember fondly the days when a trip to the cinema was a more low-key affair.
The staff at this megaplex may be friendly and accommodating, but there is something undeniably soulless about their efficiency. Gone are the days of quirky, eccentric ushers who would make you feel like royalty as they led you to your seat. Instead, we now have robotic attendants who seem more interested in their next appointment than engaging with their guests.
Moreover, Lucy's scenic drive to the theater seems almost extravagant compared to my own humble journey. I used to live only a stone's throw away from my local cinema, and the highlight of my moviegoing experience was simply the anticipation of entering that dark, cool sanctuary.
It is true that AMC Universal City Walk 19 IMAX boasts impressive technology and an extensive selection of films. However, these advances cannot replace the charm and nostalgia of a more humble cinema experience. For me, the magic of movies lies not in their size or technological prowess, but in the simple joy of losing yourself in a story.
Therefore, while Lucy revels in her modern moviegoing adventure, I will continue to cherish the memories of simpler times when the cinema was a place of escape and wonder, unburdened by the trappings of modern efficiency.

Island Cinema

999 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, United States

GPS : 33.6163794, -117.876686

Users reviews of Island Cinema West Covina

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-26 by Melody

As I take a seat in the dimly lit auditorium of Island Cinema, memories flood my mind. It's been years since my friend and I last graced these hallowed halls, our hearts pounding with excitement as we waited for the opening credits to roll. How time flies - it seems like yesterday that we were here, enveloped in a world of explosions, thrills, and suspense.

The cinema itself is an exercise in nostalgia. The seats, once plush and inviting, now show signs of wear and tear, the fabric frayed and threadbare in places. But this only adds to the charm - it's as if time has stood still here, preserving a piece of our childhood for us to revisit whenever we need a moment of reflection.

The screen itself is a sight to behold, its rich hues and vivid images capturing my attention from the opening frames. The audio, too, is crisp and clear - I can hear every whisper, every explosion, every heartbeat with bone-rattling clarity. It's as if the world outside has fallen away, leaving me and the screen in a cocoon of sensory immersion.

But it's not just about the technical aspects - there's something intangible here that draws me back time and time again. Maybe it's the memories I associate with this place, the laughter and the tears we shared during those long-ago nights. Or maybe it's the feeling of community, as we all sit here, lost in the same world for a few precious moments. Whatever it is, it's something I can't quite put my finger on - but it's there, lurking just beneath the surface.

The staff, too, are a source of comfort and familiarity. The ushers, their faces etched with lines that speak of a life spent serving others, greet me with a smile as I shuffle past them to my seat. They're like guardians of this space, watching over it with the same care and affection they would afford an old friend.

As for extra services, well - there aren't many. The concession stand offers the usual suspects - popcorn, candy, soda - but they come at a steep price. It's as if the management knows that we're willing to pay top dollar for these little luxuries, and so they milk us for every last penny. But I can forgive them this - it's all part of the experience, after all.

As the lights dim once more and the previews begin to roll, I close my eyes and sink into my seat. This is where I belong - here, in this cinema, surrounded by memories both new and old. And as I watch the screen come alive before me, I can't help but feel a little sadness, a little nostalgia. For how long can a place like this exist, unchanged and untouched by time? How many more trips around the sun will it take before the world outside encroaches upon this sacred space?

I don't know the answer to these questions - but I do know that I'll be back here, again and again. Because there's something here that speaks to a deeper part of me, a place where memories and dreams intersect. And as long as Island Cinema continues to exist, I'll be here, watching the world go by from my seat in the dark.

Civic Plaza 12 Cinema

9711 9th Ave, Hesperia, CA 92345, United States

GPS : 34.426357, -117.319782

Users reviews of Civic Plaza 12 Cinema West Covina

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-11-22 by Eleanor Forbes

My recent visit to CiViC Plaza 12 Cinema in Heespia, California, was an exhilarating experience. I had been meaning to visit this theater for quite some time, and it exceeded my expectations. Situated at 9711 9th Ave, Heespia, CA 92345, United States, CiViC Plaza 12 Cinema is easily accessible via public transportation or private vehicles. For those of you who are planning a visit, I would suggest taking the Corona Norco Line and getting off at the Corona (Transit Center) station. From there, it's about a 15-minute drive to Heespia, which isn't too bad considering the affordable parking rates available in the area.
As you make your way down the streets of Heespia, you can't help but be awed by the beautiful surroundings. The neighborhood is lush and green, with a plethora of trees and parks. You pass the iconic Corona Heritage Park, which boasts an impressive collection of historic buildings that transport you back in time. Once you arrive at 9th Avenue, the CiViC Plaza complex comes into view - a sprawling entertainment hub with a plethora of restaurants, shops, and cinemas to choose from.
Upon entering the theater, I was immediately struck by its modern and contemporary design. The staff working in the cinema were friendly and professional, dressed in smart uniforms and greeting visitors with warm smiles. As a moviegoer who values customer service, I was impressed by their attentiveness and willingness to assist patrons with any queries they had.
The auditoriums themselves are spacious and comfortable, with plush seating that accommodates even the tallest of individuals. The sound system is crystal clear, and the projection quality is top-notch - an absolute must for film enthusiasts like myself who appreciate a cinematic experience.
One thing that sets CiViC Plaza 12 Cinema apart from other theaters in the area is its commitment to sustainability. They have installed solar panels on the roof, which help reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future for all of us. The theater also offers an impressive selection of concession items, including gourmet popcorn, artisanal sweets, and locally-sourced beverages.
In conclusion, my visit to CiViC Plaza 12 Cinema was nothing short of phenomenal. From the attentive staff to the immersive cinematic experience, this theater has it all. I highly recommend a trip to Heespia if you're in the mood for some big-screen entertainment, and make sure to stop by CiViC Plaza 12 Cinema while you're there - you won't be disappointed!

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-02-05 by Callie

While I can understand and appreciate Eleanoor Forbes' positive experience at CiViC Plaza 12 Cinema in Heespia, California, as a fellow moviegoer with different preferences, I believe it is necessary to present an alternative perspective on this issue.
Firstly, while the cinema does offer spacious auditoriums and comfortable seating, some might find the overall experience less immersive due to the modern and contemporary design. For instance, some patrons may prefer a more traditional or cozy ambiance when watching movies. Furthermore, the sound system, although crystal clear, might not meet everyone's expectations, especially for those who have experienced surround sound systems in other cinemas.
Secondly, while the cinema commits to sustainability by installing solar panels on the roof and offering locally-sourced beverages, it is essential to consider that these efforts may come at a cost. The solar panel installation might result in higher ticket prices compared to other cinemas without such sustainable practices. Additionally, some patrons may not prioritize eco-friendly initiatives when choosing a cinema to visit.
Lastly, the location of CiViC Plaza 12 Cinema may be a drawback for some moviegoers. While easily accessible via public transportation and private vehicles, the theater is situated in an area that does not offer much entertainment outside of the complex itself. For those who prefer exploring local attractions before or after watching a movie, this might not be the ideal cinema to visit.
In conclusion, while CiViC Plaza 12 Cinema offers many appealing features such as sustainability initiatives and a wide selection of concession items, it is essential to consider personal preferences when choosing a cinema to visit. Some patrons may find the modern design less immersive, and others might prioritize traditional ambiance or additional entertainment options in their area. Ultimately, the decision to visit this theater should be based on individual preferences and priorities.

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