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There is noting better option for first date than taking girl into cinema for some romantic movie like Groundhog Day. Except Kino Metropol in the Chemnitz you can find the following cinemas: CineStar located Friedrich-August-Straße 1B, 08451 Crimmitschau, Germany and CineStar which is within a stone's throw from CineStar.

Chemnitz - Best western movies picks by audience

PicturesMusicStory / ScreenplayTotal
Two Mules for Sister Sara3853953971177
True Grit3603783741112
My Darling Clementine3293573371023
The Last of the Mohicans278288346912

Screenings for Connoisseurs of Cinema in Chemnitz

Chemnitz is a city in Germany with a long history of film screenings and film connoisseurship. For generations, people in Chemnitz have gathered in cinemas, homes, and other venues to watch and discuss the most interesting films of the day. With the advent of streaming services and online video libraries, these film screenings have become few and far between.

To revive the tradition of screenings in Chemnitz, the local film society is organizing screenings for connoisseurs of cinema. These screenings are open to the public and will bring together film enthusiasts from all walks of life to watch and discuss classic and modern films.

The film society has set up a dedicated venue for these screenings, which will have comfortable seating, a large screen, and a modern audio-visual setup. The screenings will take place once a month, with a different film being shown each time. The film society has also put together a selection of movies that will be shown during the screenings, to ensure that the audience has a wide range of films to choose from.

Apart from the screenings, the film society also plans to host a series of talks and workshops related to the history of cinema and filmmaking. These talks and workshops will be led by experts in the field, and will provide a great opportunity for film lovers to learn more about the art form.

The film society also hopes to collaborate with local organizations and businesses to promote the screenings and other film-related events. This will help to further establish the city as a hub for film lovers, and will help bring more people to the screenings.

With these screenings, the film society aims to create a community of film connoisseurs in Chemnitz and to bring back the tradition of film screenings. If all goes well, these screenings will become a regular event in the city and will provide an opportunity for film lovers from all backgrounds to come together and enjoy the art of cinema.

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Galerie Roter Turm, Neumarkt 2, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany

GPS : 50.8338535, 12.9209673

Users reviews of CineStar Chemnitz

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-10-16 by Lila

Last July, I had the pleasure of visiting CineStar cinema at Galerie Roter Turm in Chemnitz, Germany. My reason? To watch a masterpiece - Lawrence of Arabia (1962). Being a fan of classic movies, this was an opportunity I couldn't afford to miss.
As soon as I entered the theater, my senses were invigorated by the aroma of freshly popped popcorn and buttery treats. The ambiance was warm, welcoming, and perfect for a movie-watching experience. The seats were comfortable, and there was ample legroom - a rare find these days!
The moment the lights dimmed and the projector started rolling, I knew we were in for a treat. David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia is an epic tale of personal journey, loyalty, and redemption. Peter O'Toole's portrayal of T.E. Lawrence remains unparalleled to this day.
The film's stunning cinematography transported us to the deserts of Arabia with its grand vistas and awe-inspiring landscapes. The movie also explores themes such as colonialism, cultural identity, and the complexities of power dynamics, which resonate even today.
What made my experience at CineStar even more special was their commitment to preserving the integrity of classic films like Lawrence of Arabia. They ensured that the original aspect ratio was maintained without any unnecessary cropping or distortion.
In conclusion, if you're a fan of cinematic masterpieces and have yet to witness Lawrence of Arabia on the big screen, I highly recommend visiting CineStar at Galerie Roter Turm. Their dedication to providing an unforgettable movie experience is truly commendable. And who knows? Maybe you'll discover your new favorite film while you're there!

Kino Metropol

Zwickauer Str. 11, 09112 Chemnitz, Germany

GPS : 50.8283138, 12.9144548

Users reviews of Kino Metropol Chemnitz

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-06-06 by Wesley Bradshaw

As Wesley, I visited Kinotransa Metropol in Chemmitz quite a while back with my friend. We were excited to watch an action-packed movie that had just been released, and we were eager to see how the cinema experience would be at this venue.
The first thing that struck me about the place was its appearance - it was clean, spacious, and well-lit. The seats were comfortable and there was ample legroom, making our 3 hours movie session a relaxing one. Kinotransa Metropol had a good variety of snacks available, from popcorn to soda, and the prices were reasonable too!
The audio quality in the cinema hall was excellent - we could hear every dialogue clearly and the sound effects were immersive. The video quality was also top-notch - the picture was sharp, vibrant, and there were no issues with screen tearing or stutters.
The staff at Kinotransa Metropol were friendly and helpful. They guided us to our seats, helped us with our snacks, and answered any questions we had about the movie or the cinema in general. The extra services they provided, such as the option to buy a reclining seat for an additional fee, were definitely appreciated.
Overall, my experience at Kinotransa Metropol was fantastic - it's a great place to catch a movie with friends or family. I would highly recommend this cinema to anyone looking for a quality cinematic experience in Chemmitz!

Filmclub „mittendrin“

Reichenhainer Str. 35, 09126 Chemnitz, Germany

GPS : 50.8181767, 12.9300928

Users reviews of Filmclub „mittendrin“ Chemnitz

Filmnächte Chemnitz

Theaterpl. 1, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany

GPS : 50.8379915, 12.925189

Users reviews of Filmnächte Chemnitz Chemnitz


Friedrich-August-Straße 1B, 08451 Crimmitschau, Germany

GPS : 50.8148891, 12.3877405

Users reviews of CineStar Chemnitz

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-14 by Devin O'connor

As a local insurance adviser in Chemnitz, I have had the pleasure of living and working here for many years now. One thing that has always stood out for me is our vibrant community, which offers a wealth of activities and experiences to suit every taste and budget.
One place that truly encapsulates this spirit is Cinestar in Chemnitz, a fantastic cinema located near the heart of town, just a few blocks away from the historic Markt square. The building itself is a modern marvel, with its sleek design and inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect destination for movie lovers like myself to unwind after a long day at work.
One particular reason I needed to visit Cinestar was when I was dealing with a client who needed some time away from their daily stresses. They mentioned how much they enjoyed going to the movies as a child and wanted to share this experience with their own children. As someone who shares a passion for cinema, I couldn't resist the opportunity to join them on this heartwarming journey of nostalgia.
Upon entering Cinestar in Chemnitz, it was evident that I had made the right choice in recommending it. The staff were friendly and professional, quickly guiding us to our seats and ensuring we had everything we needed for a comfortable viewing experience.
The auditorium itself was impeccable, with plush seating arranged in a way that ensured everyone could enjoy their movie without disturbance from others. The sound system was crisp and clear, making every moment of the film feel as though you were right there on the screen. And let's not forget the stunning visuals - the picture quality was nothing short of breathtaking, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the story being told.
As someone who spends most of their time behind a desk, it can be easy to forget just how important it is to take a break and do something you truly love. Cinestar in Chemnitz provided that opportunity for me and my client, allowing us to escape the stresses of life for a few hours and transport ourselves into a world filled with adventure, laughter, and emotion.
One of the things I appreciated most about Cinestar was its commitment to providing an inclusive and accessible experience for everyone. The cinema offers various assistive devices such as hearing loops, subtitles, and audio descriptions for those who require them, ensuring that no one is left out in their quest for cinematic bliss.
In addition to its fantastic movie-watching facilities, Cinestar also boasts a range of delicious treats from its concession stand. From freshly popped popcorn to mouthwatering hot dogs and nachos, there's something to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. And let's not forget about the vast selection of soft drinks and ice-cream - perfect for quenching your thirst during those intense action scenes!
Overall, my experience at Cinestar in Chemnitz was nothing short of magical. It reminded me of why I love cinema so much – the ability to transport ourselves into another world for just a few hours, allowing us to escape from our daily struggles and revel in the beauty of storytelling. I would highly recommend this cinema to anyone looking for an unforgettable cinematic experience, whether you're a local resident or simply passing through town.
So if you ever find yourself in Chemnitz, make sure you take some time out of your day to visit Cinestar – trust me; your heart will thank you!

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by Adelynn

As a regular visitor to Cinestar in Chemnitz, I have to admit that my experience has been quite the opposite of Devin O'Connor's heartwarming account. While it is true that the cinema offers an impressive range of films and amenities, I have found myself consistently disappointed by the lackluster service and subpar conditions during my visits.
Firstly, while the auditoriums themselves are modern and visually appealing, I have often been frustrated by the uncomfortable seating and inconsistent sound quality. During one particular screening, the volume was so low that I had to strain to hear the dialogue, while during another, the bass was so overpowering that it felt as though my chest was vibrating throughout the entire film.
Moreover, the staff at Cinestar have not always been as friendly and attentive as Devin's experience suggests. On several occasions, I have had to wait longer than necessary for assistance with simple requests, such as ordering snacks or receiving change from the ticket counter. And while the concession stand does offer an enticing selection of treats, the prices are inflated and can make for a significant added expense to an already pricey movie ticket.
Furthermore, I have been dismayed by the inconsistent cleanliness of the cinema. During one visit, I noticed litter scattered throughout the lobby and sticky residue on the armrests of the seats in the auditorium. These issues were not addressed when I brought them to the attention of the staff, leaving me feeling unimpressed and disappointed.
Finally, while Devin commends Cinestar for its commitment to accessibility, I have found that this aspect of the cinema falls short as well. During a recent visit with friends who required closed captioning for a film, we were informed that the feature was not available for the selected screening. While the staff were apologetic, it left us feeling frustrated and excluded from the cinematic experience we had anticipated.
In conclusion, while Cinestar in Chemnitz may offer an impressive selection of films and amenities, I have consistently found myself disappointed by inconsistent service, subpar conditions, and a lack of accessibility features. My experiences have left me questioning whether the high prices and expectations are truly worth it. While others may find joy and nostalgia within Cinestar's walls, my own heart does not thank me for visiting.

CineStar - Die Filmbühne

Theaterpl. 14, 01662 Meißen, Germany

GPS : 51.1653749, 13.4726027

Users reviews of CineStar - Die Filmbühne Chemnitz

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