My adventures during a movie screening in Rave Cinemas

Film production in Plymouth - since 1990

Since 1995 there was at least 16 movies crews on the streets of Plymouth. There are more examples of locations from Plymouth in the cinematography.

Nowadays modern cinemas in Plymouth like Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX offers incredible screen details thanks to digital projecting in RealID Cinema technology. If you are interested in public cinemas in Plymouth please reffer to the list below

Good cinemas in Plymouth 

You may recall some time ago, an article I wrote about the British Association for International Film Festival (BAFIFF). In it I discussed how it has moved away from a local Plymouth involvement to promote UK film making.

Now, through a mutual agreement with the Plymouth Council for the Performing Arts, the Plymouth International Film Festival is beginning to follow this path. This year they are hosting an evening of international films at the Plymouth Pavilions cinema on the 15th of August.

This is very important because it gives the opportunity for Plymouth audiences to have a taste for international cinema as well as the BAFTA films and short films being shown across Britain. Some of the film selections shown this year have also been included in this years’ BAFTA Festival.

The film festival itself will run at the same time as this years’ BAFTA Festival and some events may coincide. As well as an evening showing some of the new films to be shown overseas.

They are also showing some films which are making their debut in English cinemas here in Plymouth, UK. So, if you can, plan in advance to enjoy this new and enjoyable experience... Plymouth International Film Festival.

My adventures during a movie screening in Rave Cinemas Plymouth

In April this year we wanted to see some classic action & adventure movies. I invited my friends to watch Terminator 2: Judgment Day in the Rave Cinemas.

We stood in line for tickets and then a horse entered the cinema hall. People standing in line for a movie ticket started acting weird.

They did not want to stand next to a horse since it made them feel nauseous (which they felt before in their life) & made some people vomit. So, to avoid it we started walking.

Then some people stood next to some ladies who were pregnant - and one of the ladies told the guys from the cinemas that her baby just kicked inside her belly and she felt like she was about to have a baby (which didn’t take place). So, the people were scared and I had to tell them that it’s normal, that women & men have babies every time they make love - they do not think they make a baby.

The cinema was packed and people were having a really nice time, talking with their friends Then, on the screen, there was a shot of a horse entering the cinema, so everybody in the cinema was frightened.

Some people were shouting “I want to go out!” Others went to the exit & others were just standing there, not talking. After a certain time the horse disappeared and the people went wild.

The cinema was over! And you still are not scared about getting shot? - Absolutely! Yes, I am still sure of the fact that they are going to shoot us as soon as possible!

Do you think the problem could be solved, if we start using your head for a target, or if we start wearing helmets? - First, we would be hit by the first bullet, our head would be cracked and they would never be able to kill us. Then they would start shooting at our legs and the bodies would be scattered all across the streets.

We would all be shot, every last one of us. No, there is no chance of that. A bullet to the head is an impossibility. If they start shooting in the legs, we would be able to jump away. I cannot tell you more. Do you think you would have been able to avoid that fate if you hadn't run away? - It is hard to say.

My brother and I were walking through the city centre. We took an alley, we entered the cinema, we had seen an American movie and watched the last 10 minutes.

We just finished watching and had a conversation with some friends about the movies we had seen, when something really weird happened. A huge man, a truck driver - he was wearing a jacket - ran at the door of the cinema. We were in shock.

Patriot Cinemas

25 Shipyard Dr, Hingham, MA 02043, United States

GPS : 42.2517958, -70.921592

Users reviews of Patriot Cinemas Plymouth

Coolidge Corner Theatre

290 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446, United States

GPS : 42.3426656, -71.1225004

Users reviews of Coolidge Corner Theatre Plymouth

Avon Cinema

260 Thayer St, Providence, RI 02906, United States

GPS : 41.828853, -71.400876

Users reviews of Avon Cinema Plymouth

Cable Car Cinema

204 S Main St, Providence, RI 02903, United States

GPS : 41.8231067, -71.4054862

Users reviews of Cable Car Cinema Plymouth

West Newton Cinema

1296 Washington St, West Newton, MA 02465, United States

GPS : 42.3489907, -71.226378

Users reviews of West Newton Cinema Plymouth

Island Cinemas 10

Middletown, RI 02842, United States

GPS : 41.528577, -71.301006

Users reviews of Island Cinemas 10 Plymouth

The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage

21 Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930, United States

GPS : 42.6115716, -70.6655242

Users reviews of The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage Plymouth

Regal Cinemas Solomon Pond 15

591 Donald Lynch Blvd, Marlborough, MA 01752, United States

GPS : 42.35607, -71.613907

Users reviews of Regal Cinemas Solomon Pond 15 Plymouth

Rave Cinemas

864 Riverdale St, West Springfield, MA 01089, United States

GPS : 42.1277106, -72.6274727

Users reviews of Rave Cinemas Plymouth

NCG Cinema

6540 Cinema Dr, Midland, MI 48642, United States

GPS : 43.6568712, -84.2332286

Users reviews of NCG Cinema Plymouth

Celebration! Cinema Benton Harbor

1468 Cinema Way, Benton Harbor, MI 49022, United States

GPS : 42.07663, -86.422578

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Benton Harbor Plymouth

Cinema Cafe Edinburgh

1864 Edinburgh Ln, Chesapeake, VA 23322, United States

GPS : 36.6538688, -76.2292449

Users reviews of Cinema Cafe Edinburgh Plymouth

Cinema Cafe Pembroke Meadows

758 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, United States

GPS : 36.8647741, -76.1310518

Users reviews of Cinema Cafe Pembroke Meadows Plymouth

Cinema Cafe

1044 Von Schilling Dr, Hampton, VA 23666, United States

GPS : 37.0460561, -76.3863381

Users reviews of Cinema Cafe Plymouth

Cinema Cafe

1401 Greenbrier Pkwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320, United States

GPS : 36.7795617, -76.2267413

Users reviews of Cinema Cafe Plymouth

Cinema Cafe - Kemps River Premier

1220 Fordham Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23464, United States

GPS : 36.8016906, -76.1743487

Users reviews of Cinema Cafe - Kemps River Premier Plymouth

Celebration! Cinema Lansing & IMAX

200 E Edgewood Blvd, Lansing, MI 48911, United States

GPS : 42.659708, -84.549902

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Lansing & IMAX Plymouth

Celebration! Cinema Mount Pleasant

4935 E Pickard Rd, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, United States

GPS : 43.6139149, -84.7499104

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Mount Pleasant Plymouth

Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX

2121 Celebration Dr NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525, United States

GPS : 43.001748, -85.593318

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX Plymouth

Celebration! Cinema Rivertown Crossings

3728 Rivertown Pkwy, Grandville, MI 49418, United States

GPS : 42.878442, -85.7559909

Users reviews of Celebration! Cinema Rivertown Crossings Plymouth

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