What theater choose in Southampton

by Melissa Wiggins

In the era of DVD and Blue-Ray with fancy home theater people of Southampton still visit cinemas because of its social role. It is really classic to invite newly met girl into cinema for a 'Pretty Woman'. Except Showcase Cinema de Lux in the Southampton you can find the following cinemas: Union Films located b42, University Rd, Southampton SO17 1TL, United Kingdom and Showcase Cinema de Lux which is 3.63 kilometers from Union Films.

Top spy movies by citizens of Southampton

Story / ScreenplayPicturesTotal
Quantum of Solace434456890
The Lady Vanishes435433868
True Lies362404766
The Manchurian Candidate350335685

Odeon IMAX Cinema Southampton

Leisure World, W Quay Rd, Southampton SO15 1RE, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9024071, -1.413137

Users reviews of Odeon IMAX Cinema Southampton Southampton

Showcase Cinema de Lux

Level 4, West Quay Shopping Centre, Southampton SO15 1QF, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9020315, -1.407001

Users reviews of Showcase Cinema de Lux Southampton

Hijack Cinema

1 Endle St, Southampton SO14 5FZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9002069, -1.3900206000001

Users reviews of Hijack Cinema Southampton

Cineworld Cinema - Southampton

Ocean Village, 4 Ocean Way, Southampton SO14 3TJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.8962701, -1.3946585

Users reviews of Cineworld Cinema - Southampton Southampton

Harbour Lights Picturehouse

Ocean Village, Maritime Walk, Southampton SO14 3TL, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.8947472, -1.3932311

Users reviews of Harbour Lights Picturehouse Southampton

Union Films

b42, University Rd, Southampton SO17 1TL, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.934137, -1.397441

Users reviews of Union Films Southampton

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