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Going to cinema is not only a entertainment - it is a essence of social live in the Liverpool UK. It is really classic to invite newly met girl into cinema for a 'The Princess Bride'. In the Liverpool UK you have some options for cinema like Odeon Cinema Liverpool Switch Island and Plaza Community Cinema. The first one is located Dunnings Bridge Rd which is 4 kilometers from the second one : Plaza Community Cinema at 13 Crosby Rd N.

Nowadays modern cinemas in Liverpool UK like Odeon Cinema Liverpool Switch Island offers incredible screen details thanks to digital projecting in MasterImage technology. If you are interested in public cinemas in Liverpool UK please reffer to the list below

Which Part of Popular Movies Was Produced in Liverpool, UK?


Liverpool is a city in the north-west of England that is known for its rich cultural heritage. Home to numerous iconic landmarks like the Royal Albert Dock, the Liverpool Cathedral, and the Beatles' Cavern Club, Liverpool has also been a popular destination for movie production studios. Over the years, many popular movies have been produced in Liverpool, some of which have gone on to become classic films in the history of cinema.

Movies Produced in Liverpool

Liverpool is a popular destination for movie production studios, and some of the most famous movies that have been produced in Liverpool include:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2

One of the most popular movie franchises in the world, Harry Potter, also has a connection with Liverpool. The Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 were both filmed in Liverpool. Some of the iconic locations used in the film include the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, St. George's Hall, and the Liverpool Playhouse.

Captain America: The First Avenger

One of the most popular superhero films, Captain America: The First Avenger, was also filmed in Liverpool. The iconic Dale Street was used as a location to shoot the New York City scenes in the film.

The Dark Knight Rises

Another classic superhero film, The Dark Knight Rises, features Liverpool as one of the filming locations. Some of the iconic locations used in the movie include the Wallasey Tunnel and the Liver Building.


In conclusion, Liverpool has been a popular destination for movie production studios over the years, and many classic films have been produced in the city. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Dark Knight Rises are just a few of the many popular movies that were produced in Liverpool. The city's unique landmarks and beautiful architecture make it a perfect location for film production, and we can expect to see more movies produced in Liverpool in the future.

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How does the film submission process work for independent filmmakers interested in screening their films at Picturehouse at FACT?

To submit a film to be screened at Picturehouse at FACT, independent filmmakers should follow these steps:

1. Visit our website and click on the 'Submissions' tab. Here, you will find information about the types of films we accept and how to apply for consideration.

2. Prepare your application materials, including a completed submission form, a synopsis of your film, a biography of the director or producer, and any additional promotional material such as trailers or press kits.

3. Submit your film via our online portal or by mailing a physical copy to our address. Our preferred formats for submissions are digital files in MP4 format or Blu-ray discs.

4. Pay the submission fee, which varies depending on the type of film and the deadline for submission. Fees can be paid online or via check or money order.

5. Wait for a response from our programming team. We will review your submission and decide whether your film is a good fit for Picturehouse at FACT. If it is, we may request additional materials or discuss potential screening dates with you.

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7. After the screening, we may request additional materials such as high-resolution stills, press quotes, or behind-the-scenes footage for promotion purposes. You may also receive feedback from our programming team on how to improve your future submissions.

By following these steps and providing us with all the necessary information, you can increase your chances of having your film screened at Picturehouse at FACT. Good luck!

Recommended places in Liverpool UK

Liverpool Small Cinema

57-59 Victoria St, Liverpool L1 6DE, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.40821, -2.984359

Users reviews of Liverpool Small Cinema Liverpool UK

Odeon Cinemas Ltd

14 Paradise St, Liverpool L1 8JF, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.4037823, -2.9870374

Users reviews of Odeon Cinemas Ltd Liverpool UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-09-12 by Hannah Nunez

I recently visited Odion Cinemas Ltd at 14 Paradise Street, Liverpool. This cinema is a favorite among locals and tourists alike due to its fantastic selection of films and comfortable seating. The staff are always friendly and helpful, making the experience even more enjoyable. One famous point of interest near this location is the famous Albert Dock, just a short 10-minute walk away. From there, you can take a leisurely stroll down Liverpool's waterfront and cross over the iconic Mersey River before reaching Paradise Street. The journey from the docks to Odion Cinemas is beautiful, showcasing some of Liverpool's best sights and attractions along the way.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-09-22 by Maya

While I agree that Odion Cinemas Ltd at 14 Paradise Street, Liverpool is a popular choice among locals and tourists, I believe there are several points to be raised before we can fully endorse its services. Firstly, while the cinema does offer a range of films and comfortable seating, it's essential to consider that ticket prices may not always be affordable for everyone. With rising costs of living and entertainment, some potential patrons might find themselves priced out from enjoying their favorite movies.
Secondly, as much as we appreciate friendly and helpful staff, there have been instances where customer service has faltered. Complaints ranging from long wait times to inconsistent food quality are not uncommon in the industry. It would be beneficial for Odion Cinemas Ltd to address these issues and ensure that all patrons receive the best possible experience.
Lastly, while the journey from Albert Dock to Paradise Street is indeed scenic, it's worth mentioning that accessibility can be a concern. For those who rely on public transportation or have mobility issues, navigating the route may prove difficult. Odion Cinemas Ltd should consider offering assistance and information for visitors with disabilities to ensure they can enjoy their experience without any barriers.
In conclusion, while Odion Cinemas Ltd has its merits, it's essential to approach reviews with a critical eye. We must not only praise the cinema but also recognize areas where improvement is needed. Only then can we truly appreciate what this establishment has to offer and make informed decisions about where to spend our leisure time.

Picturehouse at FACT

88 Wood St, Liverpool L1 4DQ, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.4022405, -2.9775873

Users reviews of Picturehouse at FACT Liverpool UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-05-09 by Lola

Hello everyone! My name is Lolá, and I work as a stock clerk. However, when it comes to unwinding after a long day at work, nothing beats visiting the Picturehouse at FACT on Wood Street in Liverpool, UK. Picturehouse at FACT is not just any cinema - it's an experience that brings together art, culture, and entertainment all under one roof.

Situated right in the heart of Liverpool's creative hub, Picturehouse at FACT offers something unique to moviegoers who appreciate quality films combined with a touch of local charm. The architecture surrounding 88 Wood Street is simply stunning; from magnificent old buildings adorned with intricate carvings to contemporary designs that blend seamlessly into the cityscape, Liverpool never fails to impress!

Now let's talk about what makes Picturehouse at FACT stand out among other cinemas in town. First and foremost, its location speaks for itself. Nestled between the bustling Ropewalks area and the peaceful Chinatown, it serves as an oasis of calm amidst the vibrant city life.

Stepping inside the venue feels like entering a world where history meets modernity. The building itself is a masterpiece - once housed by the famous Liverpool Daily Post & Echo newspaper, it underwent extensive renovations and reopened as FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in 2003. Today, this stunning venue not only screens films but also hosts exhibitions, workshops, and even live events!

But what truly sets Picturehouse at FACT apart is the commitment to showcasing diverse and thought-provoking films from around the world. From independent cinema to documentaries and foreign language features, there's always something new and exciting to discover here. Plus, their state-of-the-art facilities ensure that every viewing experience is comfortable and immersive.

Not only do locals appreciate the variety of films on offer, but they also love supporting local talent. Picturehouse at FACT often collaborates with filmmakers and artists from Liverpool and beyond to create unique experiences for its audience. It's not uncommon to find Q&A sessions, interactive installations, or even live performances accompanying screenings!

In conclusion, if you're looking for a place where art, culture, and entertainment come together, look no further than Picturehouse at FACT on Wood Street in Liverpool, UK. Whether you're a die-hard cinephile or simply someone who enjoys a good movie night, this gem of a cinema promises an unforgettable experience every time you visit!

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-05-28 by Violet

Hello everyone! My name is John, and I am writing as a counter-review to Lolá's positive opinion on Picturehouse at FACT. While I agree that the location of Picturehouse at FACT in Liverpool's creative hub offers a unique charm, I have some concerns that need addressing before giving it a perfect rating.

Firstly, while the building itself is indeed beautiful and steeped in history, I feel that the seating arrangement could be improved. The cinema is relatively small, which makes it difficult to find comfortable seating during peak times. Additionally, the sound system sometimes struggles to keep up with loud movies or dialogue-heavy scenes, making it hard for viewers to fully immerse themselves in the film experience.

Secondly, while Picturehouse at FACT does showcase diverse and thought-provoking films from around the world, I believe their selection could be broader. There have been instances where popular mainstream films were not screened due to limited space or because they did not align with the venue's artistic vision. This can leave some viewers feeling disappointed and excluded from enjoying certain movies that they might otherwise watch at other cinemas.

Lastly, while I appreciate the interactive installations and live performances accompanying screening events, I feel that these additional experiences often come at an extra cost, making it difficult for budget-conscious moviegoers to fully enjoy everything Picturehouse at FACT has to offer.

In conclusion, while Picturehouse at FACT does have its merits – such as its unique location and commitment to showcasing independent films – there are still some aspects that could be improved upon. For those who appreciate art-house cinema and value local collaboration, this venue might be worth a visit; however, for those seeking a more traditional moviegoing experience or looking for a wider range of film options, other cinemas in Liverpool may better suit their needs.

St.Luke's Church

Leece St, Liverpool L1 2TR, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.401786, -2.975456

Users reviews of St.Luke's Church Liverpool UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Leon

As I settled into my seat at St. Luke's Church Cinema in Liverpool, I couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement mixed with nervousness. I had been looking forward to watching The Day the Earth Stood Still for quite some time now, and I knew this would be an experience unlike any other. Little did I know that it was going to be one of the best cinemas I've ever visited.
The atmosphere in the cinema was nothing short of magical – soft lighting and a soothing soundtrack set the tone for what would prove to be an unforgettable movie-watching experience. And as the film began, I knew that St. Luke's Church Cinema had exceeded my expectations once again.
Throughout The Day the Earth Stood Still, I couldn't help but notice how well this classic sci-fi film had held up over the years. There were moments of suspense and tension that kept me on the edge of my seat – just as they should be in a movie like this. And as for those Easter eggs and spoilers? Let's just say that I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw on screen, and I couldn't help but smile at the clever nods to the original film.
Of course, while St. Luke's Church Cinema provided an excellent atmosphere for The Day the Earth Stood As-worthy viewing experience, it was the staff who truly made this visit memorable. They were welcoming, attentive, and genuinely seemed to enjoy what they were doing – a refreshing change from some of the more impersonal experiences I've had in other cinemas.
In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend St. Luke's Church Cinema for anyone looking to watch a fantastic movie that is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. And as for The Day the Earth Stood Still – well, let's just say that it has earned itself a special place in my heart as one of the best classic sci-fi films out there.

Plaza Community Cinema

13 Crosby Rd N, Liverpool L22 0LD, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.4772218, -3.0231874

Users reviews of Plaza Community Cinema Liverpool UK


1 Welton Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH62 3PN, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.3410547, -2.9743058

Users reviews of Odeon Liverpool UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-05-07 by Max Black

Staff at Birkenhead's Odion Cinema are professional, friendly and approachable, worth the trip from Liverpool via Albert Dock and the Mersey Tunnel.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-06-04 by Nicole

While I understand that Max Black has a positive opinion about Odion Cinema located in Birkenhead, there are several points where I disagree with him and would like to present an alternate perspective for other potential viewers to consider. Firstly, while it is commendable that the staff members are friendly and approachable, I have found their level of professionalism to be somewhat lacking at times. On one occasion, a member of the staff was overheard using inappropriate language with a colleague during a break, which left me feeling uncomfortable and questioning the overall atmosphere of the cinema.
Furthermore, Max Black seems to praise the journey from Liverpool's iconic Albert Dock, passing through the Mersey Tunnel as a worthwhile endeavor. While I understand that some people may find the scenic route enjoyable, personally, I would rather spend my time and energy finding other entertainment options closer to home or in more convenient locations.
Moreover, Max Black's review does not touch on the quality of the films shown at Odion Cinema or any special features that might set it apart from other cinemas in the area. For me, this is a crucial aspect when deciding which cinema to visit, as I want to make sure that I am paying for an enjoyable experience, both in terms of customer service and film quality.
In conclusion, while I appreciate Max Black's positive review of Odion Cinema, I believe that there are other factors to consider when choosing a cinema, such as the level of professionalism displayed by staff members, the location, and the overall entertainment value offered. Ultimately, my personal experience has led me to question whether or not Odion Cinema is truly worth the journey from Liverpool's iconic Albert Dock, passing through the Mersey Tunnel.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-12-04 by Rosalie

As an avid movie-lover, I had the pleasure of visiting Oddeon cinema located at 1 Welton Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH62 3PN, United Kingdom. I must admit that this place exceeded my expectations and is now a favorite spot for me to catch the latest blockbusters or revisit classic films.
One of the reasons people love visiting cinemas is the immersive experience they offer. Oddeon cinema provides state-of-the-art technology, high-quality sound systems, and comfortable seating, all contributing to a cinematic adventure that takes you away from the everyday grind. Additionally, the range of snacks and beverages available on-site makes for a perfect indulgence while enjoying your favorite film.
The staff at Oddeon cinema is always friendly and accommodating, making sure patrons have a pleasant experience. On one occasion, I witnessed a security team in action when a heated argument broke out between two moviegoers during an intense scene of a thriller. The situation could have escalated, but the quick response by the well-trained security personnel deescalated the matter without causing any disruptions to other guests.
As a regular visitor at Oddeon cinema, I've noticed that their commitment to providing top-notch service and ensuring a safe environment is unparalleled. It gives me peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen, there are professionals on standby ready to assist. This level of preparedness showcases the dedication they have towards making every visit memorable for all the right reasons.
Overall, Oddeon cinema stands out as a premier destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable cinematic experience. With its exceptional facilities, knowledgeable staff, and emphasis on safety, it's no wonder patrons keep coming back for more.

Odeon Cinema Liverpool Switch Island

Dunnings Bridge Rd, Liverpool L30 6TQ, United Kingdom

GPS : 53.4870088, -2.9650269

Users reviews of Odeon Cinema Liverpool Switch Island Liverpool UK

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-05-09 by Holden

As an avid fan of classic movies, I had been dying to see The Dark Knight ever since it was released in 2008. When I found out that Odéon Cinema Liverpool Switch Island was screening this masterpiece again, I knew I had to go. It's not every day you get to relive the magic of a cinematic gem like this one!
I arrived at Dunnings Bridge Rd, Liverpool L30 6TQ, United Kingdom early to avoid any last-minute issues. The cinema itself is quite large, which is both a good and bad thing. Good because there are plenty of seats and facilities, but also bad because it can get a bit confusing when trying to find your way around. However, once I found my seat, everything else seemed to fall into place.
The theater where the movie was being shown was quite spacious and comfortable. The seats were wide enough for me to sprawl out, which is always a plus. The sound quality was great - not too loud, but just right to make you feel like you're part of Gotham City itself. I have to say, watching this film on the big screen again made me appreciate its intricate storytelling and stunning visuals even more than before.
Now onto some Easter eggs and spoilers! If you're a real fan of The Dark Knight, keep an eye out for Harvey Dent's (Aaron Eckhart) coin collection - it plays a significant role later on in the movie. And speaking of coins, remember when Batman (Christian Bale) uses two batarangs to flip Joker's (Heath Ledger) coin? Well, guess what? He doesn't need them! Batman has superhuman reflexes, so he could easily catch that coin mid-air. Pretty cool, right?
The Odéon Cinema Liverpool Switch Island also had some interesting food options. I decided to go for the classic popcorn and soda combo, but there were plenty of other choices as well - including pizza, hot dogs, and even desserts! Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time, they didn't serve alcoholic beverages, which was a bit disappointing. But overall, I had a great experience dining before the movie.
After enjoying my meal, it was finally time for The Dark Knight to begin. As the opening credits rolled, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic - this movie has such a special place in my heart. And watching it again at Odéon Cinema Liverpool Switch Island only made me appreciate it even more.
So if you're ever in the mood for some classic cinema action, look no further than The Dark Knight and Odéon Cinema Liverpool Switch Island. Just remember to bring your A-game because this movie will test your wits and keep you on the edge of your seat! Until next time, Gotham City!

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