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In the era of DVD and Blue-Ray with fancy home theater people of London UK still visit cinemas because of its social role. People in London UK like to feel fear and choose horror movies like 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' or 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'. In the London UK you have some options for cinema like Curzon Mayfair and Curzon Mayfair. The first one is located 38 Curzon St which is within a stone's throw from the second one : Curzon Mayfair at 38 Curzon St.

Nowadays modern cinemas in London UK like Curzon Mayfair offers great sound quality thanks to technology like Dolby Digital. To get best experience check the following list of the public theaters and cinemas in the London UK

London UK in the Movies: Top Scenes

London is one of the world's most iconic cities, and it's no surprise that it has been a popular filming location for movies over the years. From famous landmarks to hidden gems, London has been the backdrop to some of the most memorable scenes in film. Here are just a few of the top movie scenes shot in London.

Mary Poppins Returns

The most recent movie to feature a London backdrop is Mary Poppins Returns. The movie pays homage to the original Mary Poppins, which was shot in London back in 1964. In the 2023 sequel, fans can spot some of the familiar London sights, such as the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London. The movie also features a sequence in which the characters fly over the city, giving viewers a beautiful aerial view of London.

Sherlock Holmes

The popular Sherlock Holmes films, starring Robert Downey Jr., have some iconic scenes set in London. One of the most memorable is when Holmes and Watson are chasing a criminal through the streets of London, with Sherlock escaping danger in the London underground. Other popular scenes include the fight scene at the National Gallery and the chase scene through the financial district of London.

Love Actually

Love Actually is a classic British romantic comedy set in London. The movie features lots of famous London landmarks, such as the Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, and the South Bank. It also has some of the most iconic romantic scenes, from Juliet and Peter’s reunion at Heathrow airport to the memorable moment of Andrew Lincoln professing his love for Keira Knightley in the middle of the street.

28 Days Later

This zombie movie set in London has some of the most terrifying scenes set in the city. The movie follows the characters as they try to survive in a post-apocalyptic London. Fans of the movie can spot iconic landmarks, such as the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The movie also features some of the more hidden gems of London, such as the abandoned London Underground stations and the abandoned Battersea Power Station.

London is a popular filming location for movies, and it's no surprise why. From the iconic landmarks to the unique hidden gems, London is the perfect backdrop for some of the most memorable movie scenes. From Mary Poppins Returns to 28 Days Later

Empire Cinemas - London Haymarket.

63-65 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4RL, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.5087245, -0.1323668

Users reviews of Empire Cinemas - London Haymarket. London UK


19 Regent St, London SW1Y 4LR, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.5089737, -0.13432230000001

Users reviews of Vue London UK

Cineworld Cinema - London Leicester Square

5-6 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7NA, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.5108661, -0.13039660000004

Users reviews of Cineworld Cinema - London Leicester Square London UK

Prince Charles Cinema

7 Leicester Pl, London WC2H 7BY, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.511488, -0.1303206

Users reviews of Prince Charles Cinema London UK

Curzon Soho

99 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5DY, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.5126348, -0.13062769999999

Users reviews of Curzon Soho London UK

Odeon Cinema Covent Garden

135 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8AH, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.514146, -0.128196

Users reviews of Odeon Cinema Covent Garden London UK

London IMAX Cinema

1 Charlie Chaplin Walk, London SE1 8XR, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.5048628, -0.1136626

Users reviews of London IMAX Cinema London UK

Curzon Victoria

58 Victoria St, London SW1E 6QW, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.4974881, -0.13660600000003

Users reviews of Curzon Victoria London UK

Regent Street Cinema

309 Regent St, London W1B 2UW, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.5168455, -0.14282379999997

Users reviews of Regent Street Cinema London UK

Odeon Cinema London Tottenham Court

30 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 1BX, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.5183439, -0.13245010000003

Users reviews of Odeon Cinema London Tottenham Court London UK

BFI Southbank

Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XT, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.507144, -0.11556559999997

Users reviews of BFI Southbank London UK


Baker St, London W1U 6TJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.52055, -0.15656000000001

Users reviews of Everyman London UK

Vue Islington

Angel Central, 36 Parkfield St, London N1 0PS, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.53421, -0.10600820000002

Users reviews of Vue Islington London UK

Curzon Mayfair

38 Curzon St, London W1J 7TY, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.506563, -0.14797820000001

Users reviews of Curzon Mayfair London UK

Ritzy Cinema and Cafe

Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW2 1JG, UK

GPS : 51.4612887, -0.11478239999997

Users reviews of Ritzy Cinema and Cafe London UK

Cineworld Cinema - London Fulham Road

142 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9QR, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.4871141, -0.17938279999998

Users reviews of Cineworld Cinema - London Fulham Road London UK

Everyman on the Corner

Handyside Street, London N1C 4UR, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.537669, -0.126848

Users reviews of Everyman on the Corner London UK

The Screen

96 Baker St, London W1U 6TJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.5205606, -0.15654459999996

Users reviews of The Screen London UK


95A Rye Ln, London SE15 4ST, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.4708183, -0.068394600000033

Users reviews of Peckhamplex London UK

Vue Cinemas

Fulham Broadway Retail Centre, Fulham Rd, London SW6 1BW, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.4806494, -0.19455629999993

Users reviews of Vue Cinemas London UK

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