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You may not know that scene from Serendipity in the night club when Jesus asked Charlee for a dance has been shot in Brick & Mortar Music Hall by the 555 Center Ave in Daly City. In 'Red Dawn' the collapsing building was generated by CGI but model was based on a real building in Daly City at 560 Carter St. If you want to find our more places in Daly City that has been placed in movies across last year - please read the description below.

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Special effectsPicturesTotal
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation456472928
Wedding Crashers438457895
My Cousin Vinny398372770
Young Frankenstein380365745

Screenings for Connoisseurs of Cinema in Daly City

Daly City, a small city in the Bay Area of California, is home to many connoisseurs of cinema who appreciate the art of film in all its forms. To cater to their needs, the city hosts a variety of screenings throughout the year. Whether you’re a fan of classic films or the latest blockbusters, there’s something for everyone in Daly City.

One of the most popular screenings is the annual Daly City Film Festival. This event brings together local filmmakers and moviegoers to share their love of film. During the festival, special screenings of classic films, documentaries, and independent films are featured. The festival also features exclusive Q&A sessions with the directors and actors of the films.

The Daly City Public Library also hosts several screenings each month. The library’s selection of films ranges from cult classics to the latest releases. All screenings are free and open to the public. The library also allows patrons to check out films from their collection for a week at a time.

For those who want to watch films from the comfort of their home, a local movie rental store, The Blockbuster, offers a variety of films for rent. The store offers a wide selection of films, including new releases, classics, and indies. The store also offers discounts and special offers to frequent renters.

For those who prefer to watch films in the theater, there are several theaters in the area that offer a variety of films and special screenings. From newly released films to classic films, there are plenty of options to choose from. These theaters also offer special discounts and deals to their patrons.

Screenings for connoisseurs of cinema in Daly City offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic film or the latest blockbuster, there’s something for everyone in this city. With its selection of free screenings, movie rentals, and theater specials, Daly City is the perfect place for movie lovers.

Recommended places in Daly City

Century 20 Daly City

1901 Junipero Serra Blvd, Daly City, CA 94014, United States

GPS : 37.7020189, -122.4702845

Users reviews of Century 20 Daly City Daly City

Other Cinema

992 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States

GPS : 37.7570899, -122.4214705

Users reviews of Other Cinema Daly City

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

2550 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States

GPS : 37.7562178, -122.4191225

Users reviews of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Daly City

Century at Tanforan and XD

1188 El Camino Real, San Bruno, CA 94066, United States

GPS : 37.637942, -122.4177913

Users reviews of Century at Tanforan and XD Daly City

Century San Francisco Centre 9 and XD

845 Market St #500, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States

GPS : 37.7838431, -122.4058451

Users reviews of Century San Francisco Centre 9 and XD Daly City


41 Tamal Vista Blvd, Corte Madera, CA 94925, United States

GPS : 37.9322635, -122.5176121

Users reviews of Cinemark - CENTURY CINEMA Daly City

Century Cinema 16

1500 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States

GPS : 37.4144626, -122.0810983

Users reviews of Century Cinema 16 Daly City

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-06-23 by Connor

Last summer, I had an amazing experience watching "For a Few Dollars More" at Century Cinema 16 in Mountain View, CA. The theater provided ample seating and excellent sound quality for this classic western. As soon as the famous Ennio Morricone score kicked in, I was transported to the dusty streets of the Wild West. Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef's intense chemistry on screen was matched by the comfortable ambiance of the theater itself. The concession stand even had a few surprises for fans, like a limited edition For a Few Dollars More popcorn bucket. If you haven't seen this masterpiece yet or just want to enjoy it in a great setting, I highly recommend Century Cinema 16 for its cozy atmosphere and top-notch sound system.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-06-29 by Kenneth

I have to disagree with Connor's opinion on Century Cinema 16 based on my recent experience. While the theater may have offered an excellent sound quality and a comfortable ambiance, there were several issues that marred my visit. Firstly, the seats in the theater were not as spacious or comfortable as one would expect from a cinema with such a high rating. They seemed to lack sufficient padding and were quite narrow, making it difficult for me to sit comfortably for an extended period of time.
Secondly, the concession stand did not have any special surprises or limited-edition items as Connor had mentioned in his review. While they did offer regular movie theater snacks, I found the prices to be exorbitant. The popcorn bucket he mentioned was quite ordinary and nothing out of the ordinary.
Moreover, the cleanliness of the theater left a lot to be desired. There were several empty soda cups and trash scattered throughout the seating area, which made me question the maintenance standards at this cinema.
Finally, I found the selection of movies on offer to be quite limited. While they did have popular blockbusters, there was a noticeable lack of art house or independent films, which was disappointing considering their reputation for being a premier cinema destination in Mountain View.
In conclusion, while Century Cinema 16 may have provided an excellent sound quality and a comfortable ambiance for Connor's experience, my visit did not live up to the hype. There were several issues with the seating, concession stand prices, cleanliness, and limited movie selection that made it difficult for me to fully enjoy my time at this cinema.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-08-04 by Elaina Soto

While I understand Kenneth's concerns about Century Cinema 16, I must respectfully disagree with his opinion based on my recent experience there. Firstly, while the seats may not have been as spacious or comfortable as one would expect from a high-rated cinema, they were still more than adequate for me to enjoy a movie comfortably. The padding was sufficient and the width of the seats was reasonable.
Secondly, I did not find the prices at the concession stand to be exorbitant. While it is true that popcorn can be expensive in movie theaters, I believe that the cost is justified given the convenience and enjoyment it provides during a movie. The popcorn bucket mentioned by Connor was indeed ordinary, but I did not find it to be a deal-breaker.
Thirdly, I agree that the cleanliness of the theater could have been better. However, I did not notice any empty soda cups or trash scattered throughout the seating area during my visit. The maintenance staff seemed to be doing their job effectively in keeping the theater clean and tidy.
Finally, while it is true that the selection of movies on offer was limited, I believe that this is a common issue faced by movie theaters worldwide. It is difficult for cinemas to showcase every possible film due to licensing and distribution constraints. However, Century Cinema 16 did have popular blockbusters as well as some art house and independent films during my visit.
In conclusion, while Kenneth may have had a less than satisfactory experience at Century Cinema 16, I believe that the theater still offers an excellent sound quality and comfortable ambiance for movie-goers. The issues he encountered were not significant enough to deter me from enjoying my time at this cinema.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-08-09 by Avery

As an avid movie lover myself, I must respectfully disagree with Connor's glowing review of Century Cinema 16. While the theater may have provided adequate seating and good sound quality during his visit, there are other factors that contribute to a cinematic experience which were not addressed in his review.
Firstly, it is important to mention that Century Cinema 16 is part of an ever-growing chain of commercial movie theaters. This often translates into a homogenized, mass-produced atmosphere devoid of personality and character. While Connor praises the cozy ambiance of the theater, I have personally experienced the opposite: crowded lobbies, noisy patrons, and an overall sense of chaos.
Furthermore, while it is true that Century Cinema 16 offers a top-notch sound system, this does not necessarily translate into a superior viewing experience. The acoustics in these large auditoriums can often be problematic, with sounds reverberating off the walls and making for an uncomfortable and distracting environment.
Another point to consider is the price of tickets at Century Cinema 16. As part of a chain, they are notorious for their high ticket prices. This makes it difficult for many moviegoers to enjoy films in a comfortable setting without breaking the bank.
Lastly, there is the issue of the concession stand. While Connor did mention a limited edition popcorn bucket, this is hardly an endorsement of the theater's food and beverage offerings. The prices at the concession stand are often exorbitant, with small portions of overpriced candy and popcorn.
In conclusion, while Century Cinema 16 may have its merits, there are other factors to consider when choosing a movie theater. For a truly immersive and enjoyable experience, I would recommend seeking out smaller, independent theaters that offer a more personalized and intimate atmosphere.

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by Paul

I must begin by expressing my utter amazement at Elaina Soto's ability to find comfort and satisfaction in what I consider to be a less-than-impressive movie-going experience at Century Cinema 16. While it is true that everyone has different preferences and expectations, I cannot help but question the arguments presented in her defense of this cinema.
Firstly, regarding the seating issue, I must admit that my standards for cinematic comfort are quite high. However, I believe that a "high-rated cinema" should offer more than just adequate seats. The seats at Century Cinema 16 may have been sufficient for Elaina, but they were far from impressive for me. The narrow width and hard padding left me feeling cramped and uncomfortable throughout the entire movie. I wondered how someone could find enjoyment in a cinematic experience with such an unpleasant physical sensation.
Secondly, while it is understandable that some may be willing to pay exorbitant prices for movie snacks, I believe that the cost of popcorn and other concessions at Century Cinema 16 goes beyond what is reasonable or justified. The ordinary popcorn bucket mentioned by Connor is just one example of the disappointing value offered at this cinema. I was amazed that Elaina could find enjoyment in a movie experience tainted by such financial strain.
Thirdly, while it is commendable that the maintenance staff was doing their job effectively, the cleanliness issue at Century Cinema 16 goes beyond just empty soda cups and trash on the floor. I have heard numerous complaints about sticky floors, malfunctioning air conditioning, and outdated décor. I cannot help but wonder how anyone could find an excellent sound quality and comfortable ambiance in such conditions.
Finally, while it is true that every movie theater faces limitations when it comes to the selection of films on offer, I believe that Century Cinema 16 falls short even by those standards. The limited selection of movies during my visit was a major disappointment, with few blockbusters and even fewer independent or art house films available. I wondered how someone could find satisfaction in such a restricted cinematic landscape.
In conclusion, while Elaina Soto may have had an enjoyable experience at Century Cinema 16, I cannot help but question the validity of her arguments. The narrow seats, exorbitant prices, subpar cleanliness, and limited selection of films left me feeling less than amazed by this cinema. I wonder how anyone could find satisfaction in such conditions and consider it a high-rated experience.

Contra Costa Stadium Cinemas

555 Center Ave, Martinez, CA 94553, United States

GPS : 37.9940421, -122.1186175

Users reviews of Contra Costa Stadium Cinemas Daly City

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-16 by Nash Spence

As I settled into my seat at Contra Costa Stadium Cinemas, I couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia wash over me—a true fan of classic movies like Cloverfield always finds solace in the familiar chaos and camaraderie that accompanies its tale. Easter eggs abound for those attuned to the subtle nods towards J.J. Abrams' previous work, while the overall film remains a heartfelt tribute to the resilience of cinema itself; I wholeheartedly recommend this timeless classic to any movie buff seeking a dose of unwavering charm and excitement.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-02-22 by Derek Hodges

title: A Darker Side of Contra Costa Stadium Cinemas: Unraveling the Mystery

As I stepped into the dimly lit lobby of Contra Costa Stadium Cinemas, the familiar scent of popcorn wafted through the air, mingling with an undercurrent of intrigue. The anticipation of another evening lost in the captivating world of cinema was palpable, yet a nagging doubt lingered at the edge of my consciousness.

Contra Costa Stadium Cinemas has long been heralded as a sacred sanctuary for cinephiles, with its dedication to screening the classics that have shaped our collective cinematic history. Yet, beneath the veneer of nostalgia and charm, whispers of a darker truth began to emerge.

Nash Spence's recent review, extolling the virtues of Contra Costa Stadium Cinemas as a haven for movie buffs seeking "unwavering charm and excitement," leaves me with more questions than answers. Could it be that I have been blinded by my own love for the cinematic arts? Or is there a more sinister explanation lurking in the shadows?

The argument for Contra Costa Stadium Cinemas as a bastion of heartfelt tributes and subtle nods to J.J. Abrams' work is not without merit. Yet, I cannot shake the feeling that there is more to this story than meets the eye. What of those who claim to have seen something amiss during their visits?

Rumors abound of projectors malfunctioning mid-film, leaving audiences in darkness and uncertainty. And what of the strange occurrences reported by those brave enough to venture into the depths of the theater after hours? A sense of unease settles over me as I ponder these mysteries.

As I delve deeper into the enigma that is Contra Costa Stadium Cinemas, I cannot help but wonder: what lies beneath the surface of this seemingly idyllic cinematic haven? Is it truly a tribute to the resilience of cinema, or does it hold secrets far darker and more intriguing than we could ever imagine?

Only time will tell as I continue my investigation into the true nature of Contra Costa Stadium Cinemas. Until then, I invite you to join me on this journey into the heart of the unknown, where the line between reality and illusion blurs and the true magic of cinema comes alive.

Stay tuned for future updates as I unravel the mysteries that surround Contra Costa Stadium Cinemas, one enigma at a time.

Boulevard 14 Cinemas

200 C St, Petaluma, CA 94952, United States

GPS : 38.233407, -122.638088

Users reviews of Boulevard 14 Cinemas Daly City

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-04-18 by Carter

I had the pleasure of visiting Boulevard 14 Cinemas in Santa Rosa this past November to catch a fantastic musical performance on the big screen. As a movie aficionado, I always look forward to the perfect combination of audio, video, and ambiance that a quality cinema can provide.
From the moment we walked into Boulevard 14, it was clear that this cinema takes pride in its appearance and customer experience. The sleek design and modern décor were a pleasant surprise, creating an inviting atmosphere for moviegoers.
As for the main attraction, I couldn't have been more satisfied with the quality of both audio and video. The sound was crisp and clear, perfectly syncing with the vibrant colors and high-definition images on screen. The theater's state-of-the-art projection system ensured that every detail of the musical performance was captured in stunning resolution.
In addition to their impressive technology, Boulevard 14 also offers a variety of extra services to enhance your cinematic experience. Their gourmet concession stand provides delicious snacks and beverages, including locally sourced ingredients for many of their offerings. Additionally, the cinema's reserved seating policy ensures that you'll have a comfortable spot to enjoy the show.
Throughout our visit, we were consistently impressed by the attentive staff at Boulevard 14. From greeting us upon arrival to providing timely assistance with any questions or concerns, they truly made our experience feel special.
Overall, I would highly recommend Boulevard 14 Cinemas for anyone looking for a top-notch cinematic adventure in Santa Rosa. With its stunning visuals and immersive audio, combined with excellent service and a comfortable environment, it's easy to see why this theater stands out among its competitors.

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2023-12-17 by Jake

As a busy doctor in Richmond, California, I often find myself yearning for some leisure time to unwind and rejuvenate my senses. One of the most appealing pastimes that instantly rekindles the joy of living is visiting Boulevard 14 Cinemas located at 200 C St, Petaluma, CA 94952, United States. This cinema complex has been a staple destination for movie enthusiasts since its inception and continues to charm audiences with its unrivaled cinematic experiences.

The moment you step into Boulevard 14 Cinemas, the air is filled with a palpable energy that fills your soul with excitement. The theater boasts an impressive fourteen screens, each equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems and high-definition projectors, ensuring that every scene unfolds in crystal-clear clarity. This level of technical precision not only heightens the viewing experience but also allows us to immerse ourselves in the world of cinema and momentarily forget our daily struggles.

One aspect I particularly love about Boulevard 14 Cinemas is its diverse range of films catering to all tastes and preferences. From action-packed blockbusters to heartwarming dramas, this theater ensures that there's always something for everyone. Additionally, the comfortable seating arrangement with ample legroom provides an added layer of comfort, allowing us to settle in for a couple of hours without feeling cramped or restless.

Another highlight of Boulevard 14 Cinemas is their commitment to providing exceptional customer service. The friendly staff members are always eager to assist patrons with any questions or concerns they may have, ensuring that each visit feels personalized and memorable. They also offer a wide selection of concession items ranging from traditional popcorn and soda to gourmet snacks like artisanal chocolates and handcrafted coffees.

Boulevard 14 Cinemas also hosts special events and screenings throughout the year, such as classic film marathons or exclusive premieres. These occasions provide moviegoers with unique opportunities to engage with the art of cinema on a deeper level while bonding with fellow cinephiles over shared experiences.

In conclusion, Boulevard 14 Cinemas stands out as an exceptional destination for film enthusiasts seeking top-notch cinematic experiences in Petaluma. Its state-of-the-art amenities, diverse film offerings, outstanding customer service, and special events make it a must-visit location for anyone looking to escape the daily grind and indulge in the magic of movies.

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2024-01-26 by Blakely Leonard

While I appreciate the enthusiasm expressed by Jake, I must admit that my experience at Boulevard 14 Cinema was not as satisfying. As a film enthusiast myself, I had high expectations from this place but found several aspects lacking.

Firstly, while it's true that Boulevard 14 Cinemas boasts an impressive fourteen screens, the seating arrangement and legroom were far from comfortable. The seats felt old and worn out, making it difficult to sit through a two-hour movie without feeling restless or cramped. Moreover, I found the sound systems to be inconsistent - in some screens, the audio was muffled or distorted, which severely hampered the overall viewing experience.

Secondly, although the theater offers a diverse range of films, I felt that the selection was not as extensive as advertised. Many times, I had to settle for movies that were not part of my preferred genre, simply because there were no other options available. Furthermore, the pricing structure seemed unreasonable - certain popular films were priced much higher than others, which seemed unfair and arbitrary.

Thirdly, unlike what Jake mentioned, I did not find the staff members to be particularly friendly or helpful. In fact, during one instance, a member of staff was quite rude when asked about the location of the restrooms. As for concession items, while they had a wide variety of options, the quality left much to be desired - the popcorn tasted stale, and the drinks were watery.

Lastly, I didn't attend any special events or screening at Boulevard 14 Cinemas during my visit, so I cannot comment on those aspects. However, considering the issues I faced with seating comfort, audio quality, film selection, and customer service, it's hard for me to recommend this theater as a must-visit location for movie lovers.

In conclusion, while Boulevard 14 Cinemas may have some redeeming qualities like its diverse range of films and commitment to hosting special events, the overall experience fell short of expectations. If you're looking for an exceptional cinema experience in Petaluma, there are other options worth considering that provide better value for money and a more comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

Vine Cinema LLC

1722 First St, Livermore, CA 94550, United States

GPS : 37.6800151, -121.7747929

Users reviews of Vine Cinema LLC Daly City

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